ISM Code Software for International Safety Management

ISM Code Compliance Made Easy

Since 1994, it has been compulsory for all shipping companies to comply with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention.

Building on the requirements of ISO 9001, the ISM Code requires all shipping companies to develop, implement and maintain a Safety Management System (SMS).

While ISO 9001 addresses how shipping companies should ensure customer satisfaction, the ISM Code specifies how shipping companies must ensure that they operate their vessels both safely and in an environmentally conscious manner.

Like most compliance programmes, the ISM Code requires companies to demonstrate how they comply with the standard through both action and evidence. However, this has led to problems with SMS maintenance.

Mango is more than just software - it moves your company to new levels of compliance accuracy and operational efficiency.


"Easy to use, even for people with little computer experience/knowledge"

David Miles, Health & Safety Officer - BCS Infrastructure Support


The Mango Solution for ISM Code Compliance

Mango is an online application consisting of a suite of modules designed to automate compliance to international standards - including the ISM code.

Mango is a fast and secure internet-based management system designed completely with Web 2.0 programming techniques and housed on our secure servers, Why employ IT staff to design your own system when we’ve got a comprehensive solution that’s right for you - right now?





Use Mango to:

  • Automate your ISM code compliance process
  • Increase organization productivity and efficiency
  • Provide accountability and traceability
  • Deliver real time data for management review
  • Give every employee has read-access to the system
  • Achieve a sense of ownership and empowerment for those actually involved in the SMS, i.e. your ship’s personnel
  • Reduce paperwork to manageable levels
  • Facilitate two-way communication between your vessels and the office

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