Achieve Significant Growth for Your QHSE Consultancy

Partnering with Mango means that you can offer simple, user-friendly software to your clients at the same time as creating an on-going passive income.

Watch the video below to hear Peter explain the criteria of becoming an approved Mango Partner. 

Partner Enquiry

Why Partner With Mango?

A partnership with Mango is about delivering a passive income to your consultancy, training or auditing organisation.

There are many great reasons to partner with Mango. Here's just a few:

1. Differentiation

Mango differentiates your offer in what is becoming an increasingly crowded compliance consultancy market.

2. Income Stream

You’ll earn a great new recurring revenue stream with commission up to 40% plus you get to keep 100% of implementation costs.

3. Focus

You get to focus on the high value-add activity, not the low-value administration work.

4. Client Commitment

Your clients will be more committed to their compliance-based initiatives because they’ll be seeing more value.

5. Ongoing Support

We actively promote your business and deliver you new clients, while supporting you on the way.

6. Like-minded People

You get to connect and engage with the other approved Mango Partners, who will have a similar mission to you. 

Hear from some of our approved partners yourself!


Hear Andrew Thornhill from IRM Systems  in Melbourne, Australia discuss his journey with Mango. 



Hear Laurie O'Donoghue from Total Management and Training in Cairns, Australia discuss his journey with Mango. 



Hear Michael Terry from Momentum Safety and Ergonomics in Brisbane, Australia discuss his journey with Mango.