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At Mango, we are passionate and serious about our business partners because we know how important they are to the quality of the service our clients receive.

We also know that we can help our partners achieve significant growth!

Why Partner With Mango?

A partnership with Mango is about delivering a passive income to your consultancy, training or auditing organisation.

There are many great reasons to partner with Mango. Here's just ten:

  1. You’ll earn a great new recurring revenue stream with commission rates up to 40%.
  2. Mango differentiates and strengthens your offer in what is becoming an increasingly crowded market.
  3. You get to focus on the high value-add activity, not the low-value administration work.
  4. Your clients will be more committed to their compliance-based initiatives because they’ll be seeing more value.
  5. You’re seen as introducing something new and vital to your clients.
  6. You’re genuinely helping your clients realize more value from their compliance efforts.
  7. You get to engage with your clients more frequently and on a more meaningful level.
  8. You become your clients’ trusted advisor because you’re adding more value.
  9. We actively promote your business and deliver you new clients.
  10. You get unlimited free access to your clients’ Mango account.

... All of which adds up to making more money on the way to achieving greater client loyalty!

What Makes a Great Partner?

Partners who are most successful at selling Mango typically integrate it into their own offer, provide complementary value-add services and deliver stunning results every time.

Keen to find out more?  Please don't hesitate to contact us below or read more about our partner program here.  

Who are our Approved Partners?

Here are our approved partners. Please don't hesitate to contact them direct.

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