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We've been using Mango to manage our business requirements from the beginning


Here at Mango, we have to meet the privacy regulations in New Zealand and Australia, POPI in South Africa and the GDPR in the UK and Europe. We’ve been using Mango ourselves to manage our business requirements for quite a while now, so using them for the data security and information security was just an extension of what we were already doing. It has solved all of our document control issues that we had.

The information security and data security of our clients has been top priority to us since the very beginning. Which is what we had in mind when developing the Mango software. We wanted to develop a software which enabled companies to reach multiple standards in a variety of different countries around the world. We wanted to create a software which we, ourselves, would want to use day-to-day in the functioning of our business and help us gain the standards which we need to reach as a business. 

Check out Nathan Cottom discussing our use of Mango in Mango below!




“Any potential issues or scam alerts that we receive, we now manage those through our improvement module.”

Nathan Cottom - Operations Manager at Mango



The Customer

Mango is a popular QHSE software solution developed by Mango Limited.Over 250,000 users love how Mango enables them to meet all their compliance obligations with ease.  These could be management systems for quality, health and safety, environmental, food safety, information security or a combination of them all.  

The company was founded in 2002 by management systems specialist Peter Rogers, and is headquartered in Christchurch – the high tech innovation hub of New Zealand. 

Since its beginnings, Mango has earned a solid and consistent reputation for delivering a quality, flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-use product.

The Business Issues

  • Paper intensive system
  • Labour-intensive for reviewers
  • Very time consuming for employees
  • A lot of manual entry was required

The Solution

As a company, we wanted to develop a software that we ourselves would find easy to use and enable us to easily meet all standards around the world. This was especially important to us for our information security standards that we need to meet. Mango software makes this easier for us in every single way. 

The Benefits

  • Potential issues and scam alerts can be addressed in Mango
  • Able to manage and control risks around security
  • Has saved our employees time and effort
  • All the compliance requirements of the business are all driven through Mango
  • All employees are aware of everything that's happening on Mango

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