Mango ensures Marlborough Vintners always stays honest with compliance.

Marlborough Vintners is a contract wine facility based in Marlborough, New Zealand. They provide a professional winery service for customers big and small, by using the newest technology, as well as managing their culture of quality and health and safety.

They have to comply with:

  1. Wine standards management plan through NPI Registration
  2. Sustainable Wine Making Certification (SWNZ)
  3. BioGro Certification (organic wine)
  4. Global Food Scheme - BRC

Watch the video below to find out how Marlborough Vintners benefit from using Mango to manage their compliance programs. 




"I would highly recommend Mango as a solution. It’s ability to hold information, find information and to pull all aspects of compliance together is immense".

Julia Good, Quality Coordinator



The Customer

Prior to investing in Mango, Marlborough Vintners used a paper-based compliance system.

Julia Good, the QA Coordinator at Marlborough Vintners also previously worked as a food auditor, and was exposed to a lot of paper-based systems, that resulted in time consuming audits due to lost or missing records. 

When Julia was an auditor, she saw a lot of people looking at rigid systems with templates that were pre-populated and there was not a lot of room to make it their own. 

The Business Issues

  • Systems were rigid and lacked customization
  • Time consuming audits with increased non conformances 
  • Lack of understanding of roles across the organisation 
  • Records and Documents would often go missing

The Solution

Mango has enabled the team at Marlborough Vintners to see the wider picture – people can communicate better, understand their roles better, and ensure that everything is linked together seamlessly.

It has also reduced the problem of rigidness and allowed Marlborough Vintners to make their compliance system customized to their needs. 

Not only does Mango give Marlborough Vintners transparency, but it immensely helps simplify things from the global certification perspective. 

The Benefits

  • Ensures you are keeping honest with compliance 
  • Ability to pull all aspects of compliance together 
  • Reduced auditing time 
  • Better communication and understanding of roles
  • Excellent timely support

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