Every time something happens, the first thing we do is “have you put it in Mango?”

Mango has a modern look that is really appealing

Millennium Electrical represent excellence in electrical design, installation and maintenance services.  They pride themselves on being a market leader for providing innovative, power-based engineering solutions.





“Mango is more than just a health and safety system"

Karen Johnson, Administration Manager, Millennium Electrical


The Customer

Millennium Electrical is based in Christchurch New Zealand.

Their ethos revolves around problem-solving that enhances and empowers your business.

The Business Issues

  • Previous software did not meet their needs as it was hard to navigate and became a chore for staff to use.
  • The old system was not intuitive and it was difficult to find things.
  • The previous system was limited to Health and Safety, there was no integration with their other systems.

The Solution

Mango has made the QHSE system more inclusive and accessible to the staff to use.

Regardless of whether the staff is off-site or on-site, Mango is accessible to them and makes health and safety easier.

Mango means Millennium Electrical can keep lots of different information in one place.

The Benefits

  • Mango is an easy-to-use system 
  • Keeps staff more organised
  • Mango is readily available and means that staff can focus on health and safety
  • Mango holds the asset registers, as well as staff skills and training records

If You Think Mango Can Help You…
You’re Probably Right

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