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Nick Martin, Regulatory Compliance Manager - Pharmalink Extracts

Pharmalink Extracts are an extraction and milling company based in Richmond, New Zealand. They specialise in the extraction of high-value natural products, and operate a large dedicated plant and associated equipment. 

Like many other service-based organisations, Pharmalink Extracts have to meet many compliance requirements including ISO 9001, HACCP Risk Management, WorkSafe Hazardous Substances and Council Resource Consents. 

Prior to implementing Mango into their company, Pharmalink Extracts were using Excel Spreadsheets, which had become too big to administer. 

“The excel spreadsheets became a victim of their own success” recalls Nick Martin, the regulatory compliance manager for Pharmalink Extracts. 

When Nick started working for Pharmalink in 2012, there was 3 main activities on site, but each department had its own manager and documentation. This meant that the compliance department had to try and verify what each department did separately, then show this to various auditors. There was no coordination. 

Because of the inconsistencies, audits were always a worrying time. Their overall compliance was acceptable, but things were often missed.

“Essentially, we were logging good ideas and raising problems, but nothing was done with the information”, states Nick.

Pharmalink Extracts have been using Mango since April 2019.

They have been very pleased with how Mango has streamlined everything for them.


“Mango has changed the way we work by allowing more people to be involved - and not just in health and safety! It allows good ideas related to the business, quality and maintenance to be raised, recorded and recognised.

Nick Martin, Regulatory Compliance Manager



The Customer

When Nick started working for Pharmalinks in 2012, there was 3 main activities on site, but each department had its own manager. This meant that the compliance department was trying to maintain what each department did, then show this to the auditor - using spreadsheets. 

Because of the inconsistencies, they didn’t have very good ISO audit outcomes. Their compliance with the MPI auditors was OK, but things were often not acted on. “Essentially, we were logging good ideas and raising problems, but nothing was done with it”, states Nick.

The Business Issues

  • Too much time spent on manual data input
  • Tasks were often forgotten or not followed up
  • The compliance team had too many departments too keep up with
  • Poor ISO audit outcomes, due to inconsistencies
  • If things were reported, they were never acted on

The Solution

Pharmalink Extracts uses Mango to set up schedules to look after all the various compliance requirements at the plant, as well as maintenance. They are assured that people will be notified of these events with email reminders and dashboard updates.

Reporting of health and safety incidents and accidents has never been easier. All accidents, incidents and near misses will be reported on, when and where they happen. This includes the night shift team using Mango to log incidents, which can be investigated the following day.

The documentation module has given Pharmalink a one stop shop for all the Policies, SOPs and worksheets needed to comply with HACCP and their other regulatory requirements. 

As well as this, Mango has assisted Pharmalink with auditing. They are easily able to pull reports from all the modules which can be shown to Auditors as required.

The Benefits

  • Events module provides peace-of-mind that all tasks will be completed 
  • Easily able to pull reports for auditors and regulators 
  • Provided one centralized launchpad for everything 
  • More people are able to be involved and raise improvements 
  • Staff can report accidents, incidents, and near-misses in real time
  • Confidence knowing accidents/incidents will followed up

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