Mango was selected due to its simplicity and ease of use for QHSE compliance

Mango makes it easier for Electrosteel to meet its various compliance standards

Electrosteel Castings (UK) Ltd manufactures ductile iron flanged pipes and supplies them to the UK water industry. Based in Chesterfield, the company prides itself on its UK manufacturing capability and has invested continuously into the development of their facilities and the training of its people.

Electrosteel is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 abd OHSAS 18001. These certifications are highly desirable for many of their clients.

The company also recognises the value of an efficient quality, health and safety and environmental (QHSE) system to their business.


“Everyone who has used the system thinks it’s brilliant.”

Gary Doolin - Health Safety and Environmental Manager


Gary Doolin, Electrosteel’s Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, is responsible for overseeing their compliance and maintaining their certifications. Prior to using Mango, he found himself spending an increasing amount of time administering their paper based system. He had inherited the company’s manual, which had been in use for some time, and he decided to explore better ways of working as it became more difficult to manage.

Gary’s ultimate goal was to reduce the time spent managing the QHSE system and find more efficient ways of working. He made the decision that on-line software would benefit the organisation and make compliance simpler. Further still, he hoped that it would provide better engagement with employees on their QHSE systems and automate a lot of the more administrative tasks of operating a compliance system.

Knowing what he wanted to achieve, Gary went out to the market place and reviewed the online software available before selecting Mango. His reasoning for putting Mango at the top of the list over other products was around simplicity and ease of use. As Gary explains, “I was impressed with just how simple it was to use.”

Gary was also impressed with the ease of implementation which was carried out by Mango’s UK partner, Borne Safety. Mango was set up in very short space of time and he was soon getting used to the workflows which he also found easy to use.

At present Electrosteel are in their early days of using Mango but they are already reporting time savings and better communication surrounding their QHSE compliance activities. Gary particularly likes the ease at which he can update management system documents and communicate them to employees.

Longer term Gary feels that Mango will continue to reduce stress and save them more time on managing their QHSE compliance.

The Customer

Electrosteel are a leading manufacturer of Ductile Iron Pipes, Fittings, and Ancillary Pipeline Products supplying around the globe.

Products comply with the many International and European Standards for conveyance of potable drinking water, raw water and wastewater.

The company needs to maintain its certifications to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The Business Issues

  • Paper-based documents and manuals
  • Increasing administration time maintaining
  • Needed more automation of administrative tasks
  • Compliance needs to be much simpler
  • Needed more engagement with employees

The Solution

Mango now reduces the time spent managing the QHSE system.  It provides a more efficient way of working.

Mango also provides better engagement with employees on their QHSE systems and it automates a lot of the more administrative tasks of operating the compliance system.

The Benefits

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to implement
  • Well supported by the local partner
  • Time saving
  • Better communication
  • Easy to update documents and communicate the changes
  • Reduce stress

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