Mango “removes the burden of QHSE compliance”

Contract Control achieves improvements in productivity and performance with Mango

For commercial construction company, Contract Control Services, quality, health & safety and environmental management (QHSE) are of strategic importance.

However, prior to using Mango, Contract Control found they were struggling under the burden of their compliance obligations.   

As Tim Bell, the company’s Safety Coordinator explains, they needed a solution that would work seamlessly for both head office and remote staff: “We needed to raise our on-site compliance standards and make the whole process easier for those guys.  We also needed to get things done on time and make audits easier.  That meant replacing all the manual effort with a more efficient electronic process.”

Today, Contract Control use Mango to operate a single integrated management system that combines quality (ISO 9001), health & safety (AS/NZS 4801) and environmental management (ISO 14001).  They are also accredited under the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme.

Contract Control was first made aware of Mango by a Federal Safety Auditor. “They recommended we take a look at Mango because it was so user-friendly,” says Tim.  “After evaluating it, we felt sure it would meet our requirements.”


“Mango has significantly reduced our QHSE compliance pain.”

Tim Bell - Safety Coordinator


As Tim explains, prior to Mango everything was done manually:  “We were trying to use Microsoft Word and Excel for our document control but were constantly shuffling paper - faxing, scanning and photocopying, etc.  It was tedious stuff.  Keeping on top of everything was really hard whereas Mango does all that in 5 minutes.”

“The main problem was the non-compliance of our construction sites.  We needed to take the burden of compliance away from our on-site staff by giving them an easier way to keep on top of their obligations. Recurring events like the weekly safety walks and toolbox meetings weren’t occurring as required – and consequently couldn’t be signed off on time.”

Now with Mango embedded, Tim describes the main benefits as “increased productivity and performance – plus better communication” and offers the following examples: “Previously it would take us hours just to create a 4-page report whereas we can now do it in Mango in less than 5 minutes.  Overall, Mango has significantly lessened our compliance pain and our on-site performance has improved dramatically.  We can now close out our compliance activities quicker and events like toolbox talks, inspections and safety walks are easily auditable.”

And as Craig Thornton, Chief Support Officer at Mango explains, Contract Control is one of many construction companies benefiting from Mango: Operationally these companies have to be very fluid but their compliance obligations are substantial so they need strong processes and an easy way to share information between their construction sites and head office.  Being cloud-based, Mango deals with all that really easily.”

“Mango’s given us comprehensive QHSE coverage and it’s very easy to use.  We’re now continuously improving,” concludes Tim.

The Customer

Contract Control is a commercial construction company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. 

From community projects such as schools, universities, hospitals and nursing homes to aquatic centres, warehousing, factories, office fit outs and multi-unit residential developments, Contract Control offers clients cutting-edge technological solutions within budget, on time and in accordance with their needs.

For more than three decades, from boutique to multi-million dollar projects, Contract Control has been providing design and construct services for clients such as Rio Tinto, Holden Limited, Qantas, Country Road, Monash University, Victoria Racing, CSR, Crown Casino and the Melbourne Zoo.

Contract Control employs approximately 100 staff across its head office, regional operations centre and construction sites. 

The Business Issues

  • Sheer volume of documentation was proving unmanageable
  • Inefficient compliance processes were having a drain on resource
  • Closing out compliance activities was difficult and inefficient
  • Audits were hard to prepare for and difficult to complete 

The Solution

Mango was deployed across the organisation through a hosted “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) model.  It was implemented and adding value within a week.  The result was a single, integrated QHSE system for use across their construction sites, head office and regional operations centre.

The Benefits

Mango delivered a strong return on investment through:

  • Significant productivity gains in managing QHSE obligations
  • Improved on-site employee satisfaction
  • A single centralised system that is available in real-time to all staff, as required
  • Far more efficient communication & reporting
  • Compliance processes streamlined and more audit-ready

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