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ETEL designs and manufactures distribution transformers in New Zealand.  The company is certified to ISO 9001 and is tertiary level ACC workplace safety management.

Prior to using Mango, ETEL quality and health and safety systems were all over the place.  There were Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and in "peoples heads". 

Watch the video to hear how Mango “solved these problems”. 



“Mango has dramatically helped with our audit processes”

Sean Banayan - Production Improvement Manager, ETEL


After putting up with a poorly designed system for many years, they need for an integrated system that has the ability to communicate with different modules was recognised. 

Once a degree of research into different options was complete, management chose Mango as their preferred solution. 

The Customer

Etel is New Zealand’s largest manufacturer of distribution transformers, supplying a full range of transformers to customers throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

ETEL is fully committed to ensuring the highest quality and performance of its range of distribution transformers and associated switchgear. ETEL has a complete quality system, which complies with, and is certified to, ISO9001:2015.

The Business Issues

New Module

  • Lack of accountability
  • Datebases were in different standalone locations - Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, in peoples heads
  • Excessive amount of paperwork
  • Difficulty in creating reports
  • System was inefficient and ineffective
  • Important compliance tasks were being missed

The Solution

After multiple years of putting up with a lagging compliance management system, management recognised the need for an integrated system that holds everything under one roof. 

Mango proved to be the perfect solution to their problems. It was quickly implemented and provided value straight away. 

The Benefits

  • Central database of all compliance systems
  • Assignment of responsibility to all compliance tasks
  • Improved business processes – in particular, for reporting and non-conformances
  • Encouraged participation throughout organisation
  • Made reporting easier
  • Improved reporting of improvements and health and safety issues 

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