Mango gives Richmond Glass a methodology of sustaining systems for the long term - It’s not just a short term fix.

Since becoming the General Manager of Richmond Glass, Ben Homan inherited multiple programs from previous employees. The challenge with inheriting data, is that the facts aren't always there. Richmond Glass has used Mango for nearly 5 years, and since then have kept a really accurate record of health and safety and compliance activities.

Ben looks after a range of different aspects including health & safety, human resources, hiring and managing people.

Watch the video to find out how Mango gives Ben accuracy compliance information in this role. 




"We’ve used Mango for nearly 5 years, and in that time, we’ve managed to keep a really accurate record of health & safety and compliance".

Ben Homan, General Manager



The Customer

Richmond Glass are a glass company based in the top of the South Island of New Zealand. From the qualified installation technicians to the management team, there is a culture of providing a quality experience and solution for all customers.

With the changing rules of health and safety, Ben Homan understands the struggles businesses may face if they want to visit customer sites without apps running, and having proof of people with certifications. Managing that has been a difficult task for him to do.

It’s also very hard to manage people that you don’t see on a day-to-day basis, and keep on top of deadlines related to plant and equipment, such as company vehicles.

The Business Issues

  • Difficulty managing deadlines and service dates
  • Hard to manage people on different sites 
  • Tasks were often forgotten or not followed up
  • Difficulty remaining constant with changing technologies. 
  • Information can easily get lost with a paper based system

The Solution

Richmond Glass has been using Mango for 5 years to manage their compliance activities - especially health and safety. 

Since using Mango, Richmond Glass has been able to keep on top of deadlines and ensure that plant and equipment doesn't expire. 

Mango provides Richmond glass with accuracy and provides a methodology of sustaining things long term. It has effectively provided them with an HR manager, without actually paying the person to do it. 

The Benefits

  • Events module provides peace-of-mind that all tasks will be completed 
  • Easily able to pull reports for auditors and regulators 
  • Provided one centralized launchpad for everything 
  • More people are able to be involved and raise improvements 
  • Staff can report accidents, incidents, and near-misses in real time
  • Confidence knowing accidents/incidents will followed up

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