Mango has revolutionized the way Rignet manages QHSE

RigNet has to meet ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Health and Safety standards.

Working predominantly for the Oil and Gas sector, RigNet delivers secure,  managed communications along with :- 

  • Industry leading cybersecurity
  • breakthrough machine learning analytics
  • apps
  • IOT solutions

Watch the video below to find out why RigNet chose Mango to manage their compliance programs. 




"Hands down, it's certainly the best management software I've ever used"

James Houston-McMillan, QHSE Manager, Rignet



The Customer

Prior to investing in Mango, Rignet were using a paper-based system with spreadsheets and a mixture of other tools.

RigNet is committed to on-going execution of product quality and maximising work flow by eliminating waste. They use Lean Six Sigma principals to drive a zero harm, environmental sustainability and quality.

They are a a firm believer that out of good Quality comes good HSE practises!

The Business Issues

  • The old system was cumbersome, disjointed, predominantly paper-based and a mishmash of various tools
  • Difficulty in sharing 'real-time' information throughout the organisation
  • It was extremely manually intensive and difficult to manage in a global capacity
  • Needed a quality management system to support their development process

The Solution

Mango has revolutionised the way RigNet manages QHSE.

It's certainly made it easier to manage their ISO certification requirements, from calibration of tools and equipment to internal auditing, as well as our operational risk management.

Its ease of use and fast implementation has made it a pleasure for them to integrate into their business toolkit.


The Benefits

  • Helped Rignet automate, consolidate and manage their global QHSE system
  • Made it easier to manage ISO certification requirements 
  • Able to control calibration of tools and equipment effectively and easily
  • Covers quality as well as health and safety

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