I highly recommend Mango, it's been absolutely brilliant for us

Sinclair offers a robust selection of customized labelling solutions. 

They meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

Watch the video below to find out how Sinclair International benefit from using Mango to manage their compliance programs.




"I think on almost every occasion, every time we've had a question or an issue, we've probably had an email back within an hour if not, we've been able to resolve it over the telephone".

Rick Stefanetti, Sinclair Health and Safety Manager



The Customer

Before Mango, like many others, Sinclair used paper and Excel spreadsheet-based system, which worked but it was very clunky.

The main issue with the old system was the amount of time it took to manually input data into the system, and the amount of time it would take to extract information from the system as well.

The Business Issues

  • Inefficient paper-based and Excel-based system
  • Original systems clucky
  • Took a long time to manually input data 
  • To extract the data there was an additional time factor that was very inefficient 

The Solution

Mango has enabled Sinclair to free up time with regards to inputting and output from the system.

It's also driven up engagement in their health and safety management system and the quality management system.

It's enabled people to have a much easier and quicker way of reporting improvements and other things such as near misses into the system.

The Benefits

  • Free-up time to inputting and output from the system.
  • More modern platform to work with
  • Provides greater insights and knowledge
  • Mango gives a much easier and quicker way of reporting improvements and near misses

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