Mango has given us the ability to discontinue one of our HR systems

The transition into Mango was painless

Southern Paprika is a capsicum producer based in Auckland, New Zealand.  It's aim is to be the most reliable supplier of what they produce. 

Their employees are exposed to many health and safety risks. They work around glass, they work at heights, and they use machinery such as forklifts, tractors and scissor lift trolleys. In addition they need to meet a number of food safety and standards.  They are required to carry out many phytosanitary inspections by New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industries.  Not only that but they operate a transitional facility that is devanning overseas container shipments.  This requires a lot of paperwork policies, procedures, training, codes of practice, best practice guides, risk assessments, accident investigations and audit reports.

Organising these functions requires a lot of time and effort.  This resulted in Southern Paprika making the decision to integrate these systems into an online package to help manage the load.


“We chose Mango because it was an economical option that was not overly complicated,

had inbuilt reminders and workflows and met all of our foreseeable requirements.”  

Julia Garrett - Health, Safety and Compliance Advisor


Mango was chosen as the solution because it was an economical option that was not overly complicated, had inbuilt reminders and workflows and met all of their foreseeable requirements.

The transition of information into Mango was painless.  

Having a well laid out dashboard made it very easy to see all of the important/urgent information needed at a glance.  They use it as a central point for document control across all of their systems.  They have been able to discontinue one of their HR systems for employee information in favour of Mango, and can see the possibility of doing the same with their maintenance system. 

Southern Paprika have been impressed with the level of support provided by Mango partner, Andrew Prest from Sustainability Systems, and are delighted that the team at Mango listen to their development requests and action where possible.

Mango's app is a bonus addition as it allows their supervisors in the glasshouse to report incidents, accidents, risks and improvement suggestions.  This is done simply, immediately and without disrupting work flow. 

Southern Paprika is more than happy to recommend Mango as a tool to any business (regardless of size) and can’t imagine reverting back to work without it!

The Customer

Southern Paprika are a capsicum producer located in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Being a food producer they are required to meet a number of food safety & hygiene and health and safety requirements. 

Their goals are to:

  1. Produce everything in a long term financially efficient and sustainable way.
  2. Increase consumption of the products we produce, and in doing so make our products the consumers preferred choice.
  3. Continued prudent innovative and resourceful investment in capital, and research to keep us at the forefront of the capsicum industry, in whatever market we are in.
  4. Make Southern Paprika a career choice and a rewarding environment for those who will grow the company into the future.

The Business Issues

  • Their systems weren't integrated
  • Too much time was consumed by paper work
  • Tasks were getting missed, lost and not followed up.
  • Their old system was ineffective and was inefficient.

The Solution

Southern Paprika were in need of an integrated system that was easy to use and was economical. 

They chose Mango and as a result have become more efficient by integrating their systems and discontinuing their HR system in favour of Mango. 

The Benefits

Mango delivered a strong return on investment through:

  • Reduction in paper work and duplicated efforts
  • Enabling them to stay on top of all their compliance requirements.
  • A single centralised system that is always up-to-date.
  • The ease of accessibility has made the systems more visible.

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