Having Mango accessible to everyone encourages them to bring forward their ideas and share them with the team.

Mango keeps us accountable and our business moving forward.

Techlam is a leader of producing structural laminated timber products and prides itself on meeting the changing needs of architects and structural designers with a strong emphasis on operational excellence. They are New Zealand's largest Glulam manufacturing facility and examples of their design solutions can be found throughout New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.  




“Mango is definitely, probably on of the best things we've done as a business."

Steve Cowan, Production and Logistics Planner and Health and Safety Manager 


Techlam previously used PeopleSafe, which while a good system initially, as Techlam grew they found they needed more integration of systems.

Mango collated all Techlam information into one system and is accessible to everyone.

The Customer

Techlam are specialists in the Manufacture and distribution of structural timber products for the NZ and South Pacific Building industry

They have a large team of skilled craftsmen and knowledgeable support staff, providing solutions to any Glulam timber challenges. 

The Business Issues

  • Does not have sufficient integration of systems
  • Outgrew the product
  • Difficulty in navigating around the system 
  • Staff found it confusing and hard to use

The Solution

Mango means all of Techlam NZ's compliance  information is collated into one system which is easy to follow.

With the Mango App, it makes it easier for their staff to raise Opportunities for Improvement or Incidents.

Mango has made the Managers more accountable to their staff as there is always a record to ensure they meet their processes.

The Benefits

  • Easy to use App for staff to raise OFI's or Incidents
  • Helps staff communicate ideas  
  • Accessible to everyone 
  • Mango keeps Techlam accountable 

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