The Quest To QHSE - Ep. 21 - Your QHSE Tool for 2019: Going to the Gemba

In todays podcast, I will be talking about the best QHSE tool for 2019: Going to the Gemba.

I have been banging on about the Japanese tool “Gemba” for a number of years now and have had people email me to ask what is it and why you should do it. So today, I will explain this tool.

I truly think this is the number one activity that you should do if you are in the compliance industry; whether that is quality, health and safety, environmental, food safety or information security management systems.

When I was a Compliance Manager, at a number of high technology companies here in New Zealand, this was my go-to-activity for over 20 years. I still believe this was the key to my success.


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