Since introducing Mango, Viridian Glass have found the App to be very effective with off-site and remote workers.

Viridian Glass are a leading glass supplier and manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand. As the only float glass manufacturer in Australasia, they feel a responsibility to be at the forefront of innovation, which is demonstrated through their commitment to quality.

They have to comply with:

  • The New Zealand Building Code (NZBC)
  • The Window and Glass Association of New Zealand
  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  • SAI Global

Watch the video below to find out how Viridian Glass benefit from using Mango to manage their compliance programs.




"I would recommend Mango – it’s easy to configure and the support that we’ve got has been fabulous".

Sid Bajaj, Systems and Governance Manager



The Customer

Prior to investing in Mango, Viridian Glass used an in-house compliance program called WHSE Live, which they were able to use through being part of the CSR Building Group. This system limited the abilities for Viridian Glass to report on compliance issues, as it was only a computer based system.

Since introducing Mango, they have found the App to be very effective with off-site and remote workers.

The Business Issues

  • Original systems were restricted to computer use
  • Hard to manage people on different sites 
  • Information can easily get lost with a paper based system
  • The old system was not flexible

The Solution

Mango was extremely easy for Viridian Glass to set-up and the administration aspect has been simple enough for anyone to get in and manage the system, rather than relying on external system administrators to make changes.

Mango has provided Viridian Glass with absolute flexibility – they are able to pull reports, review accidents and incidents and keep track of them. As Sid mentions in the video, Mango would be “absolutely superb” for organisations who have previously only used pen and paper systems.

The Benefits

  • Easily able to pull reports for auditors and regulators 
  • Staff can report accidents, incidents, and near-misses in real time
  • Confidence knowing accidents/incidents will followed up
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Excellent support provided in a timely manner
  • Provides flexibility across the system

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