Mango has radicalized and changed all administration tasks related to Health & Safety, Training and HR.

Mango has provided Austin Asphalt with one launchpad for everything

Austin Asphalt is a construction company based in Christchurch, New Zealand who carry out repairs for driveways, tennis courts and patios. They are professional, efficient and innovative in the services they provide and carry out. 

Austin Asphalt carry out their services for varying companies, and therefore have to take health and safety seriously. They are often required to have a site safe certification and site wise certification. They have also just achieved the ACC WPSM Level 2 accreditation. 

Prior to implementing Mango, Asutin Asphalt relied heavily on excell spreadsheets, paper and lot's of different ways of keeping information that were not centralized. 

This created a lot of pain for the team at Austin Asphalt, as they needed to remember to constantly look at and review their charts, calendars and events, which meant it was easy to get information wrong, such as dates and training deadlines. 

Watch the video to find out how Mango has significantly decreased manual data input and "improved efficiency and simplicity" across this organisation. 




"Before Mango it was a nightmare - my life was a sea of excel spreadsheets, paper and lots of different ways of keeping information"

Maria Cropper, Office Manager, Austin Asphalt



The Customer

Austin Asphalt are an established construction company based in Christchurch, New Zealand that has operated since the 1980's. They specialise in the servicing and construction of driveways, paths, patios and tennis courts. 

Due to being a highly labor intensive workplace, there is a need for them to take health and safety seriously, which includes having appropriate recording and reviewing procedures in place. 

The Business Issues

  • Information was kept in various locations (Excell, paper, tables)
  • Training needed to be in Outlook Calendar which often was not looked at
  • Very time consuming for employees 
  • Dates and timelines were often wrong or missed
  • Too much time spent on manual data input

The Solution

Austin Asphalt have been using Mango for over 4 years now, and are really happy with the system they now have in place. 

Rather than having to look at 10 different things, Mango has provided the team at Austin Asphalt one launchpad for everything from H&S, HR and training. 

The ground staff know that Austin Asphalt use Mango and have security in the fact that everything is recorded and that meetings can then take place to discuss how to stop this from occurring again. 

Mango has helped in significantly reducing the number of incidents, as the staff now regularly talk about the records in the system.

The Benefits

  • Major reduction in incidents 
  • Changed everything administratively related to H&S, HR, Training.
  • Provided one centralized launchpad for everything 
  • Easier to be compliant for a small organisation 
  • Can easily access and manipulate information with the press of a button
  • Improved efficiency  and simplified life 
  • Staff at all levels feel confident in knowing their accidents and incidents are being reported and can be followed up

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