Mango gave us a compliance system that everyone can use

Even the newest employee can easily create an improvement.

Benfield Timber Buildings are a building manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.

They are passionate about finding ways to help solve housing issues in a sustainable fashion and are aiming to become the first carbon-negative timber frame manufacturer in the UK.




“Everyone can take an element of responsibility within the compliance structure which mean a more effective organisation"

Carl Benfield, Managing Director, Benfield Timber Buildings


The Customer

Benfield Timber Buildings manufacture high-quality, good value, sustainable timber buildings.

They need to meet the following standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001

The Business Issues

  • Manual files meant that ISO 9001 management system was sitting in a folder somewhere and had no meaning
  • Employees were isolated in their own positions and did not understand the processes of other areas of the company
  • When mistakes happened, they would be fixed rather than any processes implemented to remedy the problems

The Solution

Mango is empowering its employees to share ideas and produce improvements. 

As the company grows, there will be saving on labour because they don't have to employ someone to run all the compliance.


The Benefits

  • Everyone has access to the relevant aspects of Mango and is able to input into it and take an element of responsibility within the compliance structure.
  • The burden of running the compliance system is shared and means a more effective organisation
  • Cost savings will be made on having a more compliant management system.

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