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Calling All QHSE Professionals

We can be heroes – and not just for one day Some people know what they want to do from a young age and devote the rest ...
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Putting the real SMARTS back into QHSE Compliance Objectives

If there’s one thing in business that gets woefully mishandled, misused and short-changed, it’s the good old-fashioned ...
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The Economics of In-House Software vs. 'Off-the-Shelf' Cloud Software

Beware the Not-Invented-Here Syndrome For those of you who know Australia – and Melbourne in particular – the prospect ...
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Certification Bodies Promoting Software - Survey Results

The Survey Results Are Out! Last month we asked you whether Conformity Assessment Bodies (more commonly known as ...
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Certification Bodies Promoting Compliance Management Software – Surely Not!

Are Certification Bodies who promote software overstepping the mark or simply keeping up with the times? Recently we ...
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Why Document Management is No Substitute for Origami

Document Management - So Much Paper, So Little Value In my (too many) years of auditing and consulting it still amazes ...
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Why You Need Your QHSE Compliance Manager at Your Management Meetings

Give Your QHSE Compliance Efforts the Prominence They Need It’s one of life’s little mysteries why the majority of ...
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Risk Management – Keep it Simple, Stupid

What can health & safety professionals learn from a jet aircraft designer? Looking out the window of my Bangkok ...
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Compliance Audits - It's Time to Stop Fighting Them

Internal audits are a core component of QHSE compliance programs so why do organisations make them so hard? I was ...
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