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Calling All QHSE Professionals

  We can be heroes – and not just for one day Some people know what they want to do from a young age and devote the ...
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Putting the real SMARTS back into QHSE Compliance Objectives

If there’s one thing in business that gets woefully mishandled, misused and short-changed, it’s the good old-fashioned ...
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Is Your Compliance System Feeling the Love?

You’ve had the consultant in. You’ve spoken with a few mates who have been down this track before you. You’ve got nice ...
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Mission Statements – What Are They Good For?

Not much would be most peoples’ immediate response. In the old days, small businesses didn’t need such a thing as a ...
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Quality Managers - Where Has all the Love Gone?

Every dog has its day, and the 1980s and 1990s were the best days to be a Quality Manager. The Japanese were streaking ...
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Why the Quality Department Needs to Grow Some Cojones

During a recent visit to a new prospect, the company’s CEO openly told me “I keep our quality department costs as low ...
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New Features Just Released - Focus on Human Resources

Significant Improvements to Various Modules - January 2013 We are pleased to be able to report that our first release ...
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The Economics of In-House Software vs. 'Off-the-Shelf' Cloud Software

Beware the Not-Invented-Here Syndrome For those of you who know Australia – and Melbourne in particular – the prospect ...
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Latest Mango Enhancements - April 2012

Especially Significant for South African SHEQ Clients This month’s release has, in particular, made our South African ...
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The Safety Show - Melbourne: 17-19 April 2012

QSE Solutions – Mango’s premier business partner in Australia – will be showcasing Mango's HSEQ software solution ...
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