Mango Creates One Single Place for Access to their Compliance Systems

Being managed by workflows, Mango makes it very easy to follow.  You don't have to remember or go to other places. It's just there and it happens.

SCH is a stevedoring company based in Southampton, England but have port services throughout the UK.  They provide a complete range of stevedoring and cargo handling services for both roll-on/roll-off and cruise ships. In addition, their cargo handling is supported by their own warehouse facilities located close to the Port of Southampton. 

Prior to using Mango, SCH used multiple spreadsheets to manage their compliance systems.  This consumed a lot of valuable time as it required continuous checking and chasing by investigators. Their biggest issues were the lack of transparency and complaints weren't being captured resulting in the same errors re-occurring throughout the business.

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“With Mango, things are now getting logged, captured, investigated & prevented, rather than slipping through the net.”

Richard Burgess - Director, SCH


Implementation of Mango for SCH was a breeze.

They has been great buy-in from all employees and the company easily passes its annual ISO 9001 audits.  The auditors just love Mango because it is so easy to use. 

The Customer

Southampton Cargo Handling (SCH) has been supplying services to the port and logistics sectors for over 25 years.

Their commitment to supporting their customers in their stevedoring, terminal operation and transport requirements has made them a trusted partner in ports and inland distribution centres throughout the UK.

They are committed to their quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001.

The Business Issues

  • Multiple spreadsheets for managing incidents, improvements and non-conformances 
  • Required continual checking which was time consuming and wasted effort
  • Documentation only available on a server, which was not available to all
  • Lack of transparency of information
  • Not learning from issues 

The Solution

Mango created one single place where everyone could find the information they needed. Mango removed their cluttered systems.  Mango created a workflow for documents to be approved and published so that documents were now visible and transparent at the same time.

They found their employees had no reason not to access the system.

More issues are being reported in Mango because employees can see that things are being addressed.

The Benefits

  • More issues getting logged, investigated and preventive action applied because its so easy
  • Doesn't rely on one compliance person
  • All Managers get involved in QHSE
  • Things don't slip through the net

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