Hally Labels can easily manage its compliance requirements and streamline it's processes

Mango captures everything and provides excellent traceability 

Hally Labels is a leading label manufacturer with plants in Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch and Sydney.

They are certified to ISO 9001, HACCP (Food Safety), MPI (Food Safety), FSC (Stewardship) and PEFC (Environmental).

Prior to Mango they relied on a paper based system to manage their compliance. This was very time consuming and made it hard to keep track of everything. Important events and compliance activity were not being completed on time and documents were being lost.

Watch the video to hear how Mango solved this pain. 



“We have been using Mango for 5 years now and it has made a massive difference to our business.”

Lisa Ryder - Health & Safety and Quality Co-ordinator, Hally Labels Ltd


Hally Labels were in need of an integrated system that made it easy to keep on top of everything. Since implementing Mango, their processes have become more efficient, accidents/incidents are being logged and followed up in a timely manner, everybody knows what is going on and compliance as a whole has been simplified.

The Customer

Hally Labels was established in 1965.

They are a leading Australasian label manufacturer with plants in Auckland, Christchurch, Brisbane and Sydney.

Hally Labels need to meet strict quality, environmental, health and safety and food safety standards that are demanded by their customers. 

The Business Issues

  • Compliance activity was not being followed up in a timely manner
  • Tasks were being forgotten
  • Difficult to track everything on each site
  • System was very time-consuming
  • Documents were being misplaced

The Solution

Hally Labels were in need of a system that could easily report, record, manage and control their compliance activities.  The system needed to have a formal document control system . 

Mango has been that and more. They have been using Mango for 5 years and have never looked back. 

The Benefits

  • Documents are well managed and easily accessed
  • Events are tracked and never forgotten
  • All compliance activity is captured in one easily managed system
  • It has streamlined their processes
  • User friendly , easy to introduce to new staff
  • Processes are more efficient
  • Enhanced traceability

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