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Servus looks after the facilities management and real estate management for organisation in Trinidad and Tobago. 

They are currently certified to ISO 9001 and have a STOW TT certification (Safe to Work in Trinidad and Tobago) for Health and Safety.

Watch the video below to find out why Servus chose Mango to manage their compliance programs. 




"Mango offers a complete package, out-of-the-box' 

Kodi McMillan, QHSE Manager



The Customer

Prior to investing in Mango, Servus were using a variety of different word processing applications:

  1. Microsoft Word for -
    1. Inspections
    2. Audits
    3. Incident reports
  2. Microsoft Excel for -
    1. Statistical analysis
    2. Tracking action items
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint for - 
    1. Monthly HSE awareness campaigns

The Business Issues

  • Tracking the action items to close was a significant undertaking
  • Double handling. Audits done off site were sent to office via email, then someone had to input that information onto excel spreadsheet
  • Time consuming - at least 2 hours a week just for follow-ups

The Solution

Mango has streamlined all their compliance processes.

The ability to use modules and tailor them to the various staff in all the different locations has been a breakthrough for their organisation.

Mango gives them a complete one-stop package.

They now have the ability to do risk assessments, incident investigations, create checklists and forms and for no extra cost.

The Benefits

  • They now have the ability to capture action items, assign it and set up periodic follow-up notifications
  • Create content that is specifically suited to a target audience that then allows them to access that content wherever they are
  • Mango partner, FQM have always been there to give them advice and share the tools that they need to get the job done

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