What is the Integrated Management Standard MSS 1000?

Posted by Craig Thornton

An Integrated Management System Standard has been created by Industry Experts

In this webinar I talk to Ian Dalling from the Chartered Quality Institute about a new Integrated Management System Standard MSS 1000:2014.

This standard was developed by industry experts.  It is a universal management system standard enabling organisations to create fully integrated management systems directing and guiding their total strategic, tactical and operational management processes. It avoids the need to comply with multiple management system standards covering separate aspects of performance such as goods and services quality, health and safety, environment and security.  

Watch the video to learn what its all about: 




 Ian covers the following questions with me:

  1. Introduction to MSS 1000
  2. The Dream of where MSS 1000 fits into a business
  3. MSS 1000Definition 
  4. Current IMS landscape
  5. Integration models for business
  6. How MSS 1000 was created
  7. The benefits of MSS 1000
  8. MSS 1000 Architecture
  9. Q&A
  10. Contact details


You can download your free Integrated Management System Manual here 




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