Time to Review Your Non-Conformance Report (NCR) Database for Further Improvement Opportunities

Posted by Peter Rogers

So you have a great NCR/improvement database. You have spent weeks tidying up the data.  In the previous blog we discussed how to tidy up the NCR data.

You have trained your staff on how to record NCR/improvements when they are identified.

You have great staff engagement and you’re investigating issues.

But we often forget to use the data to identify areas to improvement. Plus we don't use the data confirm that our improvements are working.

So why is this?

These are the issues that are holding you back from doing the work:
  1. Are you too frightened at what the data is telling you?
  2. Does the data look to be unfavourable for your job?
  3. Do you just forget to do the analysis - that could also be laziness.
  4. You don’t have a forum where you can review and discuss the data
  5. Unsure what value the analysis can add to your organisation
  6. Don’t know what you're looking for
  7. Not enough data

So what should you do with the data?

Here are some things to think about when you are identifying improvement opportunities:

  1. What is does data when compared to our objectives?
  2. Can we think of improvement ideas to help meet our objectives? 
  3. If the data is telling us we are meeting our objectives maybe it’s time to find new objectives Use the data to identify new objectives to work towards.
  4. If we not maybe there is an issue that we were not aware of.
  5. Is the data tell us, we have a problem in a part of the business we were not aware of and that we need to put a plan or project improvement team in place.
  6. Maybe it’s a process that is out of control.
  7. Maybe it’s a process or personnel that is causing us issues.
  8. Maybe it’s telling us that the plans we put in place are working.

It doesn’t matter whether the data is positive or negative.

The main thing is to know what the data is saying. Then communicate it to the appropriate people.

With this knowledge actions can be planned to address the issues or even to celebrate your success.

Now is the perfect time to look closely at your NCR database. It really is a pot of gold. You need to cash in now and extract real value for your business.  You've got nothing to lose. 



  1. Tidy up you NCR database - refer to previous blog on how to do that.
  2. Make sure nothing is holding you back. 
  3. Review the data for trends and commonalities.
  4. Check the data against your objectives.
  5. Based on the data, look for actions to address significant issues.
  6. Start now.

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