What Makes A Good Compliance Manager?

Posted by Craig Thornton

This is the third video in a series hosted by Mango featuring our Partners from across the world. 

In this video, we are going to hear the partners thoughts on what makes a good compliance manager. Quite often, everyone thinks they are good and have got qualifications, but does that REALLY make you a good compliance manager?

Watch the video below, and leave your own thoughts on what it means to be a good compliance manager. 


Partners featured in this video: 



Some key themes across these responses:

  1. Someone who can get engagement and participation rolling across the company
  2. The emergence of the QHSE manager can be problematic due to them having to know about ALL the requirements 
  3. Finding people with technical skills with the breadth of the knowledge is very rare (guessing that only 30% of people would have these skills) 
  4. With majority of the HSEQ managers - the 'E' and 'Q' are very small.
  5. An effective HSEQ manager can articulate the requirements and regulations of the standards in the language of that working group 
  6. The ability to proactively influence high-level management
  7. The ethics and integrity of this person needs to be on everyone's radar
  8. People who look to improve business performance using fact-based data 
  9. Have the ability to challenge the status quo (be the annoying person who challenges what is being done and why) 
  10. Someone who has the competence and knowledge, or be able to find where to get this. 
  11. The ability to delegate responsibility to other management positions, rather than take it all on themselves. 
  12. Communication is key.

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