10 Things for Compliance People to Do After Lockdown

Posted by Peter Rogers

Across the globe, millions of organisations (just like yours) are moving back to the office, factories and warehouses after quarantine/isolation and entering a "new normal".

As Compliance Managers, in this new normal, you will want to avoid the "New Year's resolution curse”. 

This is a curse where you set up resolutions for the year and then the very next day comes along and your resolutions go completely out the window (or get forgotten). 

The same could happen when you get back into your office.

How do you prevent the curse?

Here at Mango, while we were working from home during the isolation, we suggested 26 Ideas for Working from Home for Compliance Professionals

Now we are putting together 10 ideas you should implement once you are back in your office.

It's time to prevent the New Year's resolution curse.


Prevention is Better than Cure card with sky background

The 10 ideas are:

  1. Have a strategic meeting and agree on a plan
  2. Set new objectives
  3. Set and agree the training plan based on risk and adding value.
  4. Create improvement teams to work on integration of our systems or areas where improvement was identified
  5. Create a compliance training plan focus on making compliance more visible
  6. Introduce technology to improve our compliance management and reporting
  7. Review and improve equipment maintenance to be preventative and not reactive
  8. Remove waste from processes procedure that is based on data
  9. Improve supplier engagement to get better value
  10. Present information to our employees on our progress.

We will be blogging on each ideas over the next 10 weeks.

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