10 Things to Consider When Purchasing QHSE Software

Posted by Peter Rogers

If it’s one thing we have all learnt over the past 5 months, it is that businesses have the ability to pivot their digital roadmap and move online at a greater speed.

Things that seemed impossible just 6 months ago have now became possible.

Some 10 year digital plans have been implemented in less than 2 months!  IT departments have now learnt to say "yes of course you can use Zoom".  

In this blog we discuss item #6 of our ongoing series: 10 Things for Compliance People to Do After Lockdown.





Make Sure Your QHSE Department Isn't Left Behind

You need to ensure that the QHSE department doesn’t get left behind in the use of technology.  I’m not talking about getting a new PC or Laptop, but the tools that can remove waste and drive value real for your organisation.

The days of spreadsheets being emailed around your team is on its way out.  This is especially important when information, that critical decisions are based on, may have security issues associated with them.  This could be where the spreadsheets could be easily corrupted, modified or released to the public without controls in place.

The answer to compliance spreadsheets is easy: - move your systems to electronic online databases. 

But there are some critical things to consider when purchasing online software. 

How to Purchase QHSE Software?

Here are 10 ideas you should consider:

  1. Get a budget from your Management Team even before you start looking.
    1. Consider monthly subscriptions over one-off payments and annual maintenance
    2. Monthly subscriptions are more cost effective and provide greater flexibility to terminate if the software doesn't suit your business
  2. Make sure you understand that an unlimited user licence is far superior to “bums on seats” licensing.
    1. You need as many people to collaborate and participate in your QHSE system.
    2. You don’t want the success to be derailed at the first invoice.
  3. Understand that no software will do everything.
    1. Determine your requirements
    2. Separate requirements into "must have" and "nice to have"
    3. The aim for the software to address 90% of your requirements
  4. The software needs to be able to be deployed quickly and easily.
    1. Get a quote for implementation
    2. Understand that online software is typically 10x faster to implement than in-house hosted software
  5. Make sure there is zero to little IT involvement or time.
    1. IT departments are very protective of their systems
    2. Any challenge to that protection is a barrier to your purchasing your QHSE software
    3. Ensure you ask the software vendors what their data security policies are
  6. You need to ensure that you understand what success will look like even before you start.
    1. Consider piloting the software in one team and then roll it out across the organisation
    2. You need to understand the time savings that will be made with online software
  7. The software needs to be able to be supported remotely.
    1. You need to understand that software vendors don’t need to be at your site to implement the solution
    2. Consider than the vendors can login to your account and support your needs
  8. It should be scalable across your whole business.
    1. If you have a remote workforce, consider the use of Apps for accessing the system
    2. Determine what levels of access your management, supervisors, employees and contractors should have to your systems.
  9. The technology should be able to demonstrate value and reduce waste from the business.
    1. Determine the expected time savings with the use of software
    2. Get a demo from the vendor to prove the software will save time
  10. Whichever technology you decide to use, back it and don’t look for reasons why it won’t work.
    1. Once implemented, you will need promote the use of the software in your business
    2. Then continue to market to your business the time and cost savings experienced by the use of the software


If you follow these suggestion and are lucky enough to purchase some QHSE software, you should expect the following returns:

  • Quicker completion of incident reporting which reduces chasing people
  • Decisions can be made in real time
  • More collaborate and participate from your employees.
  • But the best thing of all you have removed waste and added value to your business 
  • Therefore remember to tell people of it success.


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