Human Resources for Information Security

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What is human resource for information security?

Human resource (HR) for information security outlines all your employees’ responsibilities and roles related to information assets. Some employees might have insignificant roles, while others may be crucial to ensure your information security runs safely and securely.


What is the role of HR in information security? 

Your own workforce can have a huge impact on the information security of your organisation.

It is important that all employees are appropriately trained so that they do not carry out actions that put the information security in danger.

This may include ensuring your staff do not share, or save passwords online or with other employees and associates.

HR departments in particular, can hold highly important information about the organisation, including bank details, personal staff attributes details and pin numbers for security. Therefore, it is extremely important that these do not get shared among one another.

In order to ensure this important information does not get spread unknowingly, you can change the passwords frequently. This is recommended if you are a software company, offering a service solely based on the software programs and codes you use.

HR also plays an important role in working alongside top management when investigating any security breaches or violations of your organisations rules, therefore they will need to be highly trusted with the information they have access to regarding your employees.


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