Compliance for Information Security

What is compliance for information security?

Compliance of information security is revolved around third party requirements to your organisation, such as government policies and procedures, or customer’s contractual terms. 

The level to which your organisation is impacted by compliance related to information security will be dependent on the country you are operating from, the scope of your organisation and the field of work you carry out.

Compliance will mean that there are certain rules and regulations to abide by. When it comes to information security, a common regulation will be that you have to keep the data of your users confidential to your organisation unless you tell the users otherwise.

If a particular client to your organisation has outlined strict regulations to meet, it is important that you take this seriously and ensure you are always complying with them.


What happens if your information systems do not comply?

Failure to meet the regulations could result in lack of confidence from this customer, which will result in a domino effect of other customers also not having faith in your organisation due to negative word of mouth.

Failure to meet regulations of the government could cause your organisation to be in even more trouble, as this will be a breach of the law, and could have extremely negative outcomes for your organisation.

You need to ensure the employees of your organisation are aware of all the compliance requirements that they must meet, and have been trained on what to do, or what not to do in order to meet these demands. 


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