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What is food safety?

Food safety is all about reducing the risk of causing illness from incorrectly handling, preparing or storing food. By following basic food safety principles, you can reduce this risk and protect individuals from illness and sickness from food-borne diseases.

Basic food safety principles should be followed at all times. These could include some of the following:

Good Cleaning Practises Properly cleaning and sanitising all surfaces, equipment and utensils
Personal Hygiene Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene, especially hand-washing
Effective Storage Storing, chilling and heating food correctly 
Pest Control Implementing effective pest control
Allergens Understand food allergies, food poisoning and food intolerance


Why is food safety important?

By reducing the risk of food-borne illnesses, you can ensure the health of those who we are preparing the food for. This may be cooking for the family at home, or cooking on a large scale for over 100 people, either way, it is important for us to reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses as much as we possibly can.

By implementing food safety, large companies can also prevent financial losses from potential product recalls of contaminated goods. As well as financial losses, this would also result in a loss of reputation for the company.


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