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What is an Environmental Management Policy? 

An environmental management policy generally outlines the commitments that your organisation has agreed to in relation to the management, and control of its environmental impacts.

The environmental management policy may also detail your organisation's values and what it’s hoping to achieve through the process of environmental management.

It’s a formalised statement, and should be established and supported by those who oversee the organisation at a high level.

If your organisation is seeking certification to ISO 14001, then the standard has specific requirements that the environmental policy must meet.

These are:

  • The policy must be suitable and applicable to the organisation (this means relating it to the products and/or services of the organisation)
  • Forms a structure from which objectives/targets can be set
  • Contains a commitment to environmental protection, such as reducing pollution. (Note: the policy does not need to discuss how this will be achieved)
  • Includes a dedication to achieve its compliance obligations
  • Includes a commitment to continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance

This environmental management policy must be documented in a formal manner, be communicated within the organisation, and be available to stakeholders or interested parties.


What is the main goal of an Environmental Management Policy?

The goal of an environmental policy is to obtain a commitment from the organisation and employees in regards to environmental issues (such as laws and regulations). 

An environmental policy will address the human impact on the environment.


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