Health and Safety

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What is the meaning of health and safety?

Health and safety all about preventing or mitigating any accidents or incidents at your workplace, that may result in injury to your employees and others. 

Health and safety is made up of programs, legislation, regulations, guidelines, processes and procedures that protect the safety, welfare and health your employees and others on your site.

The overall goal of your health and safety program is to create a safe working environment and to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and fatalities on the job.

Why is health and safety important?  

Health and Safety helps ensure all employees feel at ease in their working conditions. More often than not, health and safety related issues that arise in the workplace are more of a burden to the organisation than implementing activities to ensure the health and safety from the beginning.

Some of the overarching benefits that can come from effective health and safety throughout organisations are:

  • Decreased absences among employees
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Increase brand image within the wider community
  • Ensure workers and stakeholders are at ease while at work
  • Legal responsibilities will be met
  • Customers will be happy as they know they are buying from a fair company

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