Health and Safety in the Workplace

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What is health and safety in the workplace?

Health and Safety in a workplace refers to the efforts your organisation makes to ensure all your employees are as safe and healthy as possible.  The efforts made to ensure your workplace is healthy and safe, may vary depending on what industry the organisation falls in, and what country they are operating from. 

In all jurisdictions there are legal requirements for your organisation to meet in order to ensure you are operating a healthy and safe workplace.

In meeting the health and safety legislation the guidance is simple:

  • Everyone has a role to play in health and safety
  • Everyone’s responsibilities should be clear
  • The focus should ene on managing work risk
  • Those who create the risk then manage the risk
  • Businesses are to engage with workers and enable them to actively participate in health and safety
  • There is flexibility in managing your health and safety risks.


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