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What is OSHA?

OSHA is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, and is responsible for protecting the safety and heath of workers in the United States. OSHA’s mission is to ensure that workers are operating in healthy and safe conditions.

OSHA's mission is achieved by:

  • Setting standards
  • Enforcing standards
  • Training
  • Education
  • Assistance


What are OSHA Standards?

Employers must comply with the OSHA Standards.

Employers must keep their workplace free of serious recognized hazards. 

OSHA Standards are rules that were created to protect employees from hazards at work.

Some States and Territories operate with State Plans.  These are all OSHA approved.  If you are in these States you must comply with the State Plans.  These are in addition to the OSHA standards.  There are 22 State Plans that cover private, state and local government workers. There are 6 State Plans that cover only state and local government workers.

The standards ensure organisations are providing effective protective equipment and training that will aim to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

The standards also require workplaces to keep track of all training records, as well as any recorded workplace injuries and illnesses.

If you fail to meet these standards, this may result in a violation of OSHA.


What are some common OSHA Standards?

The most common standards include:


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