Health and Safety Training

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What is health and safety training?


Health and Safety training at work is a program that helps your employees learn specific health and safety knowledge or skills.  This will help improve their performance in their current roles.

Health and safety training is important to all employees across your organisation, and should not be limited to new employees.  It occurs over time, as laws and standards change.


How much training?

When thinking about how much Health and Safety training your employees require, this may be dependent on the type of industry you are operating in.

If you are operating in an office-based environment, there will likely be no need to train employees around working at heights. More time could be spent on work ergonomics or workplace stress.

Health and Safety Training is not a tick-in-the-box exercise. It should be planned out to match your environment and employees. You need to think about what skills your employees need to carry out specific tasks, then you can decide which types of training will be suited to them.

If you are an industry highly impacted by health and safety, such as construction, engineering or energy, you may consider dedicating whole days to training programs. This could work out to be cheaper and more beneficial than training employees individually.


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