Health and Safety Representative

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What is a Health and Safety Representative? 

A Health and Safety representatives is a worker that represents others in your workforce on health and safety matters. They are typically elected by the members of their work group to represent them.

Your organisation can choose to have Health and Safety representatives. They are a well-established way to support both worker engagement and worker participation.

As Health and Safety representatives are elected by a work group, the work group could be the whole workplace or it can be workers grouped by work areas, occupations or work site.


Health and Safety Representative Training

In order to become a Health and Safety Representative, it is highly recommended that you undergo specialised training.  In some jurisdictions this training is mandatory. 

This training introduces you to legislation and other legal concepts. It also covers other knowledge and skills you will need so that they you can represent workers effectively.

As a trained Health and Safety Representative you will know about health and safety. You will then be are aware of the rights and responsibilities of everyone in your workplace.


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