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What is a Quality Policy? 

A quality policy is a document that will help you provide guiding principles on how your organisation is striving to achieve quality through the systems they use.

If possible, this should be written by your Chief Executive Officer, in conjunction with the board and senior managers. 

For some companies, creating a quality policy may comprise some of their original values and behaviours, which may mean these need to be modified.

Exceptional quality policies should begin with the commitment of the CEO, and how they intend to meet this commitment. This document should then also have requirements by the customer, as well as internal parties such as employees and other stakeholders.

Once this policy has been decided upon and formulated, there should be a commitment by all to implementing it, and therefore should not contain any statements that the organisation is unwilling to follow up on. 


Example Quality Policy

Here is an example quality policy from Mango:

Mango Limited is committed to providing and delivering the customer great product, great support and great marketing to make the management of our customer's compliance an easy and enjoyable experience.We are committed to:

  • meeting legal requirements.
  • continually improving our Quality Management System.
  • meeting the needs and expectations of interested parties.

To achieve this we will:

  • Provide our customers with a quality product for the management of their compliance needs.
  • Provide our customers with free content, information and industry insight to improve their compliance knowledge.
  • Provide timely and accurate support to our customers
  • Listen to our customers when developing and enhancing Mango.
  • Provide an environment where staff can grow and learn new skills.
  • Provide a return to shareholders

We will measure our progress through:

  • Setting objectives
  • Documenting plans
  • Reviewing performance

We will enable this by:

  • Training our employees
  • Training our Partners
  • Improving Mango
  • Investing in resources
  • Investigating new technologies

Approved by:

Chief Executive Officer


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