Certification to ISO 14001

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Certification to ISO 14001

Obtaining certification to ISO 14001 is a way to both enhance your organisation's brand as well as satisfying the selection requirements of various stakeholders who have an interest in your company.

Certification to ISO 14001 can be seen as evidence that you have processes and systems are in place to ensure your organisation is credible and meeting its relevant environmental compliance obligations.

To get certified follow these steps:

  1. Study and understand the ISO 14001 standard
  2. Review your existing management system (if applicable) and identify any gaps
  3. Create and document your Environmental Management System (EMS) as per the standard (including how you will monitor and measure any requirements)
  4. Train the employees. Ensure that everyone involved is aware of the requirements set and the motivation behind these, and that they feel comfortable to contribute to the continuous improvement of the system
  5. Use the EMS – confirm that it is fit for purpose and allow ‘time’ to show that the system is functioning correctly (i.e. that scheduled monitoring has been undertaken, improvements and non-conformance's recorded etc.)
  6. Conduct internal audits of your system and processes – this goes hand in hand with No. 5
  7. Find an accredited certification body


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